Code Adam and Amber Alert

1.What should be covered in the initial interview of a sexual assault victim? Why is this considered a delicate process?

2.Discuss the Code Adam and Amber Alert:

a. What are each?

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b. What prompted each?

c. How does each work?

d. Should they be continued, discontinued or expanded into other

types of child safety programs, and why?

3.What is the make-up and focus of the various types of robbers? What is the relationship between these characteristics and their targets?

4.Describe the modus operandi of a robber:

5.Why should an investigator produce a case summary of the crime?

6.Define larceny. How does larceny differ from theft?

7.What has been the impact of consolidating theft offenses?

8.Discuss the three major types of child maltreatment, and give an example of each. Next, discuss the role of the police in the investigation for each (how will the officer focus his/her investigation):

9.Discuss the child molester: a. Give a description of a molester, b. name and define the three types of child sexual abuse, and c. discuss the two psychological types of molesters:

10.What makes something burn? Why is this important when investigating arson?

11.Who has been traditionally responsible for investigating a fire? How has this role changed over time, and why?

12.Why would someone start a fire? Give an example with your response:

13.Define Terrorism. What is the primary role of the investigator during any terrorism investigation? How are terror crimes different from other types of crime?

14.When searching for suspected explosive devices/bombs, what is the method best described to use and why? (explain fully)

15.Discuss the two types of investigations that should follow an officer-involved shooting.

16.How have cons or swindles changed with the advent of the Internet?

17.What is identity theft? How can identity theft be perpetrated?

18.Discuss what it is that the state must prove in each and every criminal case that it tries, and why:

19.What is the “chain of custody,” and what problems arise in attempting to maintain it?

20.Who can be an “expert” for trial purposes? How is it determined whether or not a person is deserving of expert status?

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