Find instances where concentration plays an important factor in your life. Some examples are below.
Open and look over the water Choose a drinking water contaminant and research its potential hazards (this will probably need internet search). Provide information about the the concentration(s) measured in the drinking water and how it compares with safety standards.
Read about the different types of Choose one and familiarize yourself with the… Look up the potential hazards of the pollutant (this will probably need internet search). Find a resource that provides information about local air pollution using the units for concentration provided for the recommended standards. For example, searching for san diego ozone ppm gave a…
Read the…about changes made to infant and children’s Tylenol. Also, read the first few 3 paragraphs and Discussion of the journal article…. What range is the theraputic concentration of acetaminophen? What are the health risks of acetaminophen overdose?
Sometimes you get blood work done when get a physical from a doctor. Consider one blood factor (like blood cell count, hemoglobin, HDL, LDL) and describe the normal concentration for substance in a healthy individual. What might be the cause of a concentration that is too high or too low or what are risks of having a concentration that is too high or too low?


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