Communication at Its Finest

Scenario 1:
Justin is a front-office assistant at a local physician’s office. On a busy day at the office, Justin is consumed by patients and their needs. While helping
a patient, Sarah, the other front-office assistant, calls Justin over to answer questions regarding the patient intake process. Justin explains the
process to Sarah and then continues to work with the patient at his window. Later that day, Justin reflects on the situation and is frustrated that he had
to stop working with his patient to explain a process to Sarah that he has already explained a dozen times. Justin takes to social media to express his
frustrations with Sarah and her inability to take care of patients properly even though she has been trained.
Write a 175- to 260-word response to the following prompts:
Explain how Sarah might perceive Justin’s actions.
Explain the ramifications of using social media as an outlet for voicing frustrations about a co-worker.
Provide an example of a more effective communication method to use in this situation.

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