Contemporary problem essay | Biology homework help

For the final paper, consider a contemporary problem and argue (1) that the problem exists, (2) how to solve the problem, (3) that the solution is feasible, and (4) that particular benefits accrue to relevant stakeholders—paying particular attention to rhetorical scope, audience, and logical organization.

You must cite and reference 3 library-based, peer-reviewed research sources for this project. Use Academic Onesearch, JSTOR, or another database through our library search function.  Do not stop searching once you have found three research sources; find the most appropriate sources for the assignment. You may use additional high-quality sources once that minimum is met.

As with all papers in this course, we will be using proper MLA style, which we will cover in detail in class. Please refer to Owl Purdue for proper guidelines if extra reference is needed.

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1,250-word minimum requirement (roughly 6 pages double-spaced)