Research project | Psychology homework help

This project helps you to think in terms of how someone was raised impacts their development over time. You will be interviewing another person, other than yourself, based on the list of questions which are below. The person being interviewed must at least be in early adulthood. It is important to keep the person as anonymous as possible, so pseudo names are a must. Do not use the person’s actual name. Before interviewing, it is important to describe to the person the nature of thisinterview, what it entails, and what you plan on doing with what they are disclosing. More information about this can also be found below in the consent form. This form must be signed by you and the interviewee before beginning. After the interview is over, you must write a paper, and relate the person’s development back to what is being learned in class. This can be done by focusing on one or two theories from the textbook. For example, a theory that you can highlight and discuss during your paper is JeanPiaget’s four stages of cognitive development. Another theory is Erik Erikson’s Social Development up to young adulthood.

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