Correctional Management



Directions for Questions: Each question is worth 25 points; therefore, please be as thorough as possible and
answer the questions completely. Each answer should consist of at least 3 double-spaced typed pages. Brief
answers will certainly result in a low score. Please be sure to indicate the question that you are answering by
indicating the chapter and question number. Also, you must type the question as well. (Please note that the
typed question does not count towards your 3-page minimum typed response.) Although you are using your
text for your primary source, you must use additional sources (e.g., academic journals, internet (do not use
Wikipedia), newspaper articles, additional text, etc.). While you are allowed to use your text, please refrain from
plagiarism. In other words, the sources that you use are tools of assistance and reference; therefore, please
use your own words to answer the questions. Do not submit answers that are full of verbatim passages from
the texts/sources that you use! Using this approach will result in a failing grade. Also, please cite your sources
with APA in-text citations and end references. If it is not your original idea, you must give the author credit!
Questions that need to be answered are listed below. Please be sure to add questions on paper as well.
2. You are the director of the legal department at a local state prison. A death row inmate, who happens to be a
Hindu, is scheduled to be executed. He would like to have a spiritual advisor present with him during his
execution. The prison does not have any Buddhist as part of its religious staff. Unsure of what to do, you
decided to review case law to see if you can find a legal remedy for his request. In your search, you discover
that over the past two years, the United States Supreme Court has addressed this very issue(i.e., spiritual
advisors during executions); however, the outcomes have been quite different. What were these two cases?
What were the facts, issues, and rulings of each case? Discuss the dissenting judge’s view. After reviewing
these cases, do you make a recommendation to honor the inmate’s request? State your reason for your denial
or approval.
4. You are an assistant to J.A. Keller, the Southeast Regional Director for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He
walks into your office and hands you the article below. You are requested to provide him with a report that
either substantiate or deny the issues/concerns that have been raised. Your report is not to be based upon
your personal opinions but factual documentation that you can locate regarding the issues that have been
presented in the article. Also, as a conclusion within your report, you have been requested to address the
approach that union representative, Joe Rojas, is considering to present the union’s concerns.

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