Crisis and Trauma



Define Crisis and Trauma, the history of them, and the theories that explain these phenomena;
Background of the Individual–Provide the current demographic data regarding the individual (i.e., yourself). Include variables such as age, gender, ethnicity, SES, education, etc. Write a brief description of the individual’s life situation. All information is confidential;
Description of the Crisis Situation–Provide a chronology of the traumatic event the individual faced and significant others involved in the event. Include important details to portray the situation.
Response to the Event–Address how you responded to the crisis or event. Also, mention how significant others in your family reacted to the event. Reactions should include emotional, cognitive, psychological, spiritual, etc.
Part Two:

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Define a situation that is crisis/traumatic and support with research about the frequency and consequences.
Conduct an assessment of the crisis/traumatic situation and develop a crisis prevention/intervention plan for the student(s) and school community, including the district and community.
Identify the stakeholders involve in the plan and identify each individual’s role(s) and responsibility(ies).
Current Response to Crisis or Traumatic Events–Outline the factors that you consider most important in your life that influence how you currently respond in stressful situations. Support your responses with information from the initial event that influences how you now react to crises.
Life Lessons–Discuss the greatest life/learning lessons resulting from having faced the crisis or event described in the paper. Also, consider whether or not you would make an effective counselor for someone facing a similar crisis to the one you described.
How has the current COVID climate affects your perception of crises?
Personal Comments: Include any thoughts or feelings you would like to share to close. It may be helpful to consider if the event or situation you described has influenced who you are today.
Additional suggestions:

Template letter to parents- this is what happened today in school here are the steps we took here are some resources;
Think of a particular crisis that matters to you or an example that matters to you and tell me why you think this is a crisis
Research or lack of evidence out there
What each person will do about the crisis/ roles – stakeholders- teachers, guidance, nurse,
Who contacts emergency personnel?
Psychological events in the situation?
How the school and district should intervene based on your current experience?
Strategies school can do to address the issue?
Mitigate put things in place to prevent?
Legislations in place: Look at policies that guide whatever crisis should be—district policy and procedures in place?
Steps taken to implement policy and procedures- staff educated and trained in roles and responsibilities?
Outside agencies to support crisis


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