COMPARING YIELDS OF DEBT SECURITIES .In a table or spreadsheet find a recent publication (eg WSJ I
distributed or can find online) that provides current yields and find their yields in same month 1980 or 1981
(November 2020 versus November 1980 or 181). Best place Yield on Bonds data is FRED.
What are the average yields for money market securities, specifically 3 month T-Bills, 3 month commercial
paper and 3 month CDs. Compare those yields and to longer term eg 10 year Treasury securities and 10 year
Municipal securities and 10 year corporate bonds for current timeframe and Indicate the ratings ie AAA, AA, A .
1)Looking at maturities, Liquidity, and Risk factors between securities, what accounts for the differences?
Consider what we said in class and consider the following questions: What does that tell you about risk and
reward differences between short term and long term securities in the current rates? What does it tell you
about Treasuries versus Corporate Bond yields What does it tell you about 2020 rates versus 1982 Find
articles that help you make your choices and provide your research sources for your analysis.

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