Critically analyse the impact of one trend and resultant issues on nursing practice using relevant perspectives

Analysis of trends and issues in health care
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assignment for Trends and issues in specialty nursing practice.description: analysis of trends and issues in health care.
you will critically analyse the impact of a range of influences on key trends and issues as they affect specialty practice drawing from current literature to support your arguments.There are four different frameworks:
YOU should choose the most relevant to focus on and you will need still acknowledge the others albeit briefly.For this assignment i want to write about:
TREND: increase shortage of all nursing staff.
ISSUES RELATED TO THIS TREND: work overload and under this issue there are some subtitles such as higher risk of errors and education inservice offline to attend study day and you can add more subtitles.
In recommendation please write about recruit and add others briefly.
After introduction please write about this issue and why it become trend N.B: (1) references should be from 2005 until 2015
(2) please read all atachment files before you start writing because there are more details and significant points for it.
(3) if you have any questions please contact me.NSN728 TRENDS AND ISSUES FOR SPECIALTY NURSING PRACTICE
ESSAY: Analysis of a trend and issues in a nursing practice context
You are expected to:
Critically analyse the impact of one trend and resultant issues on nursing practice using relevant perspectives (socio-cultural ethico-legal politico-economic and professional-organisational) from the conceptual framework for this unit.
Length: 2500 words (+/- 10%) Weight: 40% Due Date: Friday 11 September 2359hrs
1. Write an introduction that outlines the key trend and resultant issues which will be the focus of the essay.
2. In the body of the essay:
provide more detail of the trend and the driving factors from local national and international perspectives using the conceptual framework for this unit. Support the discussion with a synthesis of relevant literature to broaden the analysis. Questions such as why is this occurring and what can nurses do can be explored.
select 1 or 2 issues and critically examine these for their impact on nursing practice and their relationship to the trend. All statements will be supported by a wide range of seminal current and relevant sources.
briefly offer relevant recommendations for practice improvement addressing the resultant issues that will be developed into strategies for Assessment 2.
NOTE: To prepare for this assessment you will be required to read all 4 modules so that you may gain a deeper understanding of the conceptual framework that you are required to use. The readings and websites recommended in the modules may be used to support your analysis BUT it is expected you will also provide further high quality sources.
It is anticipated that the on-line discussions will assist you to form ideas and analyses for this essay.
Rationalisation of health care
Nursing shortage work overload skill mix issues patients at risk
Eg: work overload how is this viewed through the professional-organisational perspective through the ethico-legal perspective
Education and skill development safety audits inter-professional teams