Data Analytics in GE’s Innovation Process

General Electric (their innovation = Flight Efficiency Services and Fuel Management using the Predix Platform)
It is an essay on the role of data analytics in the innovation process. You are expected to choose an example
of a company that uses quantitative data in one or more steps of the innovation process (e.g. uses large-scale
quantitative tests for the product/service you developed and/or use data to identify pain points to design
products/services in the first. It could be successful cases (where quantitative data helped) and it could be
failure cases (where quantitative data was misleading). In the essay, you are expected to a) describe the data
used, how it was collected and used and b) analyze the use of data analytics by pointing to the
A good structure will answer the following questions:
How did they use big data / data analytics?
Where does the data come from?
How is the data processed or managed?
What products/services are developed?
What were the major sources and challenges in collecting and processing the data?
Are there any privacy issues? (this is optional)
What was the impact on market, financial and innovation performance?
At the end just links to the sources. Here are some that might be useful:



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