Data Mapping and Final DMGP

Create a data map that depicts enterprise architecture, data integration, and use of multiple data sources. Write a final data management and governance plan (4-5 pages) that enables a health care organization to manage and govern its data, along with a 1-page executive summary.Data mapping processes are vital for health care organizations to do all of the following:
Determine organizational data needs.
Identify how data interacts within multiple sources.
Maintain data integrity.
Data maps are a road map to data collection, retrieval, and storage. They support data quality, integration, strategy, process improvement for patient outcomes, and business intelligence practices. Business intelligence, the practice that uses tools to analyze data for reporting, begins by identifying data sources. Ultimately, good business intelligence depends on good data and clearly defined mechanisms that spell out how data from one system maps to another. Working with multiple data sources or systems is often challenging for health care organizations. IT departments in the health care industry are responsible for making sure an infrastructure is in place to support multi-source integration and systems communications. As you are the Privacy and Security Manager for Independence Medical Center, your boss, the CIO, has asked you to construct a data map for the organization. This data map needs to take into account relevant data management and governance best practices for data retrieval and storage. After creating your data map, you will also compile a final data management and governance plan (DMGP), including a one-page executive summary.

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