Discuss the legal culpability. if any, of John. Greg, Grace and Simon.

2. John is an elderly man who is suffering from the beginnings of dementia which causes him to have periodic delusions when stressed or tired. He lives with his daughter Grace and grandson. Simon (aged 18). Grace has recently separated from her husband, Greg, after 20 years of suffering both verbal and physical abuse. Grace is receiving counselling and has been prescribed Prozac to help her with depression and panic attacks. Simon is a quiet young man but has flashes of his father’s bad temper.

On Sunday afternoon, the family are eating lunch together when Greg arrives. When he knocks on the door the family pretend to be out. However, he knows they are in because Grace’s car is parked outside and he bangs loudly on the door, shouting threats “I’ll kill you when I get my hands on you-. “You’ll be sorry for this if you don’t let me in!”
John becomes very agitated and confused. He served in the Falklands War and now he thinks the Argentian soldiers are coming for him. He grabs a poker from beside the fire, opens the front door and, as Greg runs in, bashes him over the head. Greg drops to the floor with blood gushing out everywhere.

In a panic, Simon and Grace wrap Greg up in a rug and put him in the back of Grace’s car, intending to drive him home. As they are driving off, he wakes up but is still dazed. He says he will kill them both when he feels better. Scared, they drive him into the countryside. In temper, Simon punches Greg in the face and he becomes unconscious again. They decide to dump him on a remote hillside and hope that he will not survive the elements.

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Greg regains consciousness and manages to get to a house. He pulls out a gun that he had taken to John’s house earlier and threatens the householder, demanding his car. Greg attempts to drive back to his family’s house but, once again loses consciousness. He crashes the car. He is found the next day by a passer-by. On arriving at hospital, he dies of his injuries.

Discuss the legal culpability. if any, of John. Greg, Grace and Simon.

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