Disruption in the U.S. Food Industry.

Read the case study and answer four questions below

1. What is disruptive innovation? Does Blue Apron have the potential to disrupt the U.S. food industry? Explain your answer by referring to the disruptive innovation principles suggested by Clayton Christensen.
(Suggested reading: Christensen, C.M., Raynor, M., and McDonald, R. (2015), What is disruptive innovation? Harvard Business Review, 93, No. 12, 44-53.)

2. What mistakes did Blue Apron make? Was Blue Apron’s growth trajectory responsible for its failure? Why or why not?

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3. Critics were not in favor of Blue Apron’s strategy of focusing more on the efficiency of the supply chain than on marketing. What is your opinion?

4. If you were Dickerson, how would you respond to the competition?



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