Dissertation Topic

Finding a dissertation topic is much more than researching a topic with which you have an interest or passion.
Your topic will originate as a very broad concept that will be narrowed to a specific topic as you read
extensively the empirical research surrounding your concept. To justify a research project such as the
dissertation, there must be not only a need for the research but also a space in the literature that the proposed
research can fill.
When identifying a researchable topic, there are a few things that should be considered:
Is it interesting to you?
Is it interesting to anyone else?
Is it defined as a need in literature?
Is it original?
Is it feasible?
Is it within your range of competence?
Is it ethical?
Does it align with your program of study?
Whether a topic is feasible is an important consideration. In what ways, can you insure that your topic is
feasible? How do you know when a topic needs to be narrowed to something more specific in order to be
feasible? How does your proposed broad concept align with your program of study ? How will researching a
topic based on your concept contribute to your field of study? Explain.



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