Rogerian Argument


While Drafting include the following information in each section:
Introduction – A reworked narrative of how the author arrived at their views that includes their continued reading
and study. The thesis statement revised according to new information gained through continued research.
Opposing Views – What are the views of those who do not agree with the author? What data do these sources
have to support their views? Present that here.
Shared Views – Where can the two sides agree? What evidence shows where there is evidence that supports
ideas on both sides of the thesis?
Author’s views – Reiteration of the thesis and evidence that supports the author’s views. Be sure to discuss
how the author’s evidence is stronger than the opposing view’s evidence and explain why this is so.
Source Requirements: 10 sources minimum that are both credible and contain actual data.
MLA 8th Edition formatting and citation.
My claim is that Happiness is achieving one’s goals in life and an amount of money is needed to achieve such
Use sum Articles from Pursuing Happiness: A Bedford Spotlight Reader 2nd edition by Matthew Parfitt and
Dawn Skorczewski


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