ECON 251-Microeconomics


Write an analysis on the economy of a country of your choosing. In making your country choice, remember that at the CIA we like to see creative and original thinking. Make sure to use appropriate academic references in your analysis. As part of your report, please include the following information:

1) Discuss the country’s real GDP, real GDP per capita, and real GDP growth over the past several years. How does it compare to other countries in the region?

2) Discuss the unemployment and inflation situation in the country. What role might they play in domestic politics?

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3) What currency does the country use? Has it been appreciating or depreciating against the US dollar since the beginning of the semester? What is the trade balance?

4) Who is in control of the country’s monetary policy? Do they have their own central bank/currency or do they rely on a foreign country or currency union?

5) Finally, and this is where we would like you to put your emphasis, outline one economic policy that you think would serve the interests of both the country you are analyzing and the United States.