Enhancement of Study.

Enhancement of Study.  Paper details 1. list the three parts of effective note-taking and describe five points under each part. 2. explain seven reasons why you should sit front and center in the classroom. 3. list/explain the three major note-taking formats discussed. 4. What should you do when you miss a class? 5. What you should do if it is difficult to follow the organization of a lecture? 6. Discuss the pros and cons of using tape recorders. 7. Why should you take notes on Power Point presentations? 8. What should you do when instructors talk quickly? 9. What are the benefits of using concept (mind) maps? 10. How to take notes on your reading. 11. How to take effective notes for online courses. 12. Explain Power Process #5. 13. create a mind map and outline to explain any techniques in Chapter 5 The book is named Being a master student, 16th edition by Dave Ellis

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