Environmental Sustainability and International Business

“Environmental Sustainability and International Business” Watch the animation video, “Climate Change, Greenhouse Gases, Emission Trading Scheme?” There has been discussion about the pros and cons of climate treaties like the Kyoto Protocol and the Copenhagen Accord. There has been discussion about the advantages of firms and specific business opportunities that might be generated by going green. Let us also consider the other side and play devil’s advocate on what may be any negatives? In addition, do you think regulation can ensure safe operations, or does business need to engage in activities like renewable energy production in order to learn to how to do it right, and safely? How can we curb emissions without, at least less, hurting our economy? How can we get other countries to curb their emissions as much as we do? What about developing countries that have horrid air quality, but can’t afford to do much about it? Special remarks: I know in the past that students have appreciated exploring this issue from both sides of the political and scientific debate. I hope that you enjoy this academic freedom in making this a lively discussion since the topic this week can be passionate. Nevertheless, it is important to remember this is an academic class and NOT a political forum. Opinions are O.K. – if and when backed up by quality sources and research. Also, keep in mind this is a discussion that should also be focused from the perspective of international business and economics, not individual interests.

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