Answer ALL questions. CASE STUDY: Two brothers, Brian and Jonathan Lloyd, were the registered proprietors of the Barclay Estate. Earlier this month, they sold the Barclay Estate to Paul Halifax for £1,200,000. A copy of the Title Register obtained just before Paul bought the Barclay Estate is attached at the end of the question paper.
1. The Barclay Estate is: (a) Registered leasehold land. (b) Registered freehold land. (c) Unregistered leasehold land. (d) Unregistered freehold land.
2. When Paul bought the Barclay Estate, he bought it: (a) Subject to matters on the title only. (a) Subject to interests which override only. (c) Subject only to matters which he actually knew about. (d) Subject to interests on the title and matters which were overriding only.
3. The authority for the answer to question 2 is: (a) Section 29 Law of Property Act 1925. (b) Section 2 Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989. (c) Section 27 Land Registration Act 2002. (d) Section 29 Land Registration Act 2002. 
4. Classes of interests which override subject to which Paul would have bought the land are set out in: (a) Schedule 1 to the Land Registration Act 2002. (b) Schedule 3 to the Land Registration Act 2002. (c) Schedule 6 to the Land Registration Act 2002. (d) None of the above.
Paul has now been registered as the new proprietor. Since he bought the property, the following claims have been made: (i) Adrian, the owner of land adjoining the Barclay Estate claims that Brian and Jonathan gave him an option to purchase a part (valued at £200,000) of the Barclay Estate at any time before 31st December 2022.  


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