Ethnograpghic Interview Paper

Ethnograpghic Interview Paper
To learn about other groups (e.g. different racial/ethnic groups, persons with mental illness, persons with physical disabilities, persons in the LGBTQ community, different religious groups, women receiving welfare, homeless men, drug addicted individuals), it is important to recognize what you already know or do not know, and what may be your biases and even fears.
This exercise is designed to (1) reveal where you are in regard to a specific group by interacting with a person from this group to learn the other’s perspective (2) illustrate the importance of clients as sources of knowledge and expertise around their own cultures, lives, experiences and (3) provide an opportunity to engage in knowledge gathering using an ethnographic framework and to assess the impact of this experience on your knowledge, attitude toward and future practice with this group and other groups different from yourself.
Select a group you wish to learn about (e.g., persons with mental illness, persons with physical disabilities, and persons in the LGBTQ community, a religious group, and women receiving welfare, homeless men, and substance use population). You should NOT be a member of this group. Conduct an interview with your “cultural guide” using at least 3 global questions.
Your paper must be at least 8 pages-long, PLUS Title page, Abstract page, and References page.
Introduction (2-3 pages):
a) Overview of the group/condition, statistics, history (cite your sources- 3 sources or more, at least one is a journal article)
b) Explore your own views about the group:
What do you know about the group?
How do you know it?
What are your own experiences with the group?
What are your biases?       
2.  The interview (3-4 pages):
a) Who is your “cultural guide”?
No real names!!! (Say guide/ respondent/ participant/ interviewee/individual/ use a made-up name)
How do you know him/her?
Demographics (age, gender, ethnicity, education, profession)
Appearance (describe the person- clothing, hair, dress, glasses, tattoos/scars, etc., speaking manner, mood/affect, attitude, willingness to share)
b) Setting (location, time, chairs/desk/couch? surroundings, noise level, atmosphere, etc.)
        Did you take notes or audio record? (Must ask respondent’s permission to record)
c) Your global questions and his/her responses
At least 3 global questions exploring both present and past experience (Open-ended!)
Questions must be related to having experience, condition, or being a member of the group/culture
One question at a time (verbatim) followed by your summary of the guide’s response
Paraphrase the guide’s response! (Use quotes only occasionally, for example if the way he/she worded something really stands out. This is not a transcript!) Examples:
She stated that…
He shared that…
He recalled feeling…
3. Analysis (2-3 pages):
How did you feel during the interview?
What was challenging?
Critique your interviewing skills
What would you do differently as an interviewer?
Did your previous views change? How?
What did you learn?
What was surprising?
In what ways will this interview influence how you deal with clients who are members of the group?
PLEASE DO CONTENT, REFRENCES AND ABSTRACT *do not forget the abstract and please include correct subtitles.*


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