Measure Or Quantify The Value That A Customer Has To A Company

Question 1. Go to the American Customer Satisfaction Index website and click on ACSI Industries.  (Links to an external site.)Select an industry you are interested in. Within that industry, select a company you consider you are loyal to. You will need to click on ‘Benchmarks’ to access the actual company information.

a) Name the industry and company you chose.

b) What are the ACSI scores for the industry and the company?

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c) What are the trends over the years of this company compared to other companies in this industry?

d) Discuss two (2) observations or insights you have, like what did you learn or why do you think the trends are the way they are?

Question 2.  What level of loyalty do you have for the company you chose? Explain your answer.

Question 3. Discuss how loyalty programs can differ for consumer customers (B2C) vs business customers (B2B). Give us two examples, one of a B2B and one of a B2C company that implements these loyalty strategies.

Question 4: State a thought-provoking question you have about differentiation or CRM in general. Don’t ask it if the answer can be easily found in the course material!

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements What is the purpose of the cash budget? Read #2 on page 140 in your text(see picture below). How did you determine the minimum level of cash reserves needed to pay operating costs of the facility without borrowing? 3. Explain your understanding of the importance of knowing how to intelligently discuss these issues with the facility’s accountant(s). For example, why is it important for healthcare managers to gain knowledge of financing and accounting?