Learning Styles

 My Smarter Measure result learning style is visual.

  • List the top three learning styles (visual, verbal, social, solitary, physical, logical, and aural) . Remember that your study methods will be most effective if you incorporate multiple learning styles crafting a more dynamic learning experience.
  • Describe the specific ways you will incorporate all three into your study routine for one of your courses this academic term.
  • Based on your Smarter Measure results, identify which learning style you would like to strengthen to support your success in college and identify one step you can take toward accomplishing this goal.
  • Share one study strategy or resource that you think others in the class may find beneficial OR pose one question related to study skills and strategies for which you would like to solicit feedback.

Has to be at least 350 words


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Express the information using your words (paraphrase) and provide an in-text citation and reference


Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements 1) Go to the website HealthCare.gov 2) Under the listing “Blog” Choose a current blog relating to a subject that interests you, 3) Read the blog, then respond to the issue presented. 4) Identify and describe some general roles and responsibilities of the consumer within the health care system. 5) Express the information using your words (paraphrase) and provide an in-text citation and reference. Do not use direct quotes from the reference.