For the feature article, you are required to choose one of the research prompts

For the feature article, you are required to choose one of the research prompts below (or come up with your own focus) to write about in a “Feature Article.” The purpose of the feature article is to make an electronic document or mimic an electronic document with hyperlinks to photos and video and resources that develop, illustrate, or exemplify your ideas. Your feature article should be between 750-1250 and focused on a specific aspect of the play (see the prompts below.
Your article must reference at least 3 secondary sources plus the primary one (the play you’ve selected) for a total of 4 sources. All sources must be authoritative; that is, they MUST be scholarly. My preference is for you to use the library databases, e-books, or library books as your source material. You might use literary sources, but you might also choose to use other types of sources as well a psychology textbook or history text. You may not use anything from Wikipedia or any material from Spark Notes, Cliff Notes, Pink Monkey, or any other commercially prepared study guide of that nature. Other unacceptable sources include plot summaries such as Bloom’s “Plot Summary,” Foster Masterplots, and
You need to appropriately document your sources, and MLA format is one appropriate way to do that. However, remember that this will be an electronic document, and the most appropriate means of documentation in electronic texts is the use of hyperlinks. Feel free to use either or a combination of both, but either way, you MUST document your sources.
As an online document, don’t be afraid to embed multi-modal (audio, visual, photographic, video, and interactive) elements into your document. Either embed these directly into your document or use hyperlinks as a means to link to these multi-modal aspects. Because originality and academic integrity are valued your article will run through upon submission.
The form in which you create this document is up to you. I suggest using a website creator like WordPress (Links to an external site.), Weebly (Links to an external site.), Wix (Links to an external site.), Google Sites (Links to an external site.), Blogger (Links to an external site.). These formats will allow you to easily include video, picture, media, etc. All of these platforms include free versions; you should not have to pay to create a site. That being said, at times, they will try to encourage for you to buy extra options. You do not need to purchase anything to create a good site. If you really feel intimidated by using these format, I suggest that as an alternative, you use a newsletter template (Links to an external site.) in Microsoft Word. Example :