For this assignment, you are continuing your role from your F105 assignment as a senior staff officer working on a division staff.

Division Staff Officer
Link for the uploaded videos for the paper. For this assignment, you are continuing your role from your F105 assignment as a senior staff officer working on a division staff. Your F105 information paper updated the CG on general JLTV program information using sources provided to you in the document called F100 Information Paper and Essay References. These and other updated sources are still valid for this assignment, but the F107 assignment has a different purpose and format than the F105 assignment and will need to provide authoritative and convincing analysis to help the CG make a decision. For this assignment, you are in the role of a Division Staff Officer taking a brief for your principal. View one set of video staff briefings (links below) for the MP battalion you are taking the briefing from or the other. Either battalion Brief (set of videos) is acceptable and are provided as many DL students have never seen a staff group analysis briefing and these are provided as good examples. They are different sets of analysis based on the same scenario replicating what might happen with two different battalion staffs in the field doing an analysis. These are also provided/linked in the F107 lesson folder (F107 Videos, Part 2: Student Briefs) along with two other example sets of group briefings should you want to see slightly different approaches and or analysis of the same problem. Use only one set of videos as you prepare your staff recommendation for the CG. After viewing the videos (replicating your attendance at their briefing), prepare and submit a position paper in argumentative essay style recommending to your Senior Staff Officer/Principal for or against the Battalions proposal. Refer to ST 22-2 Leader Communication (March 2016) to review the components of an argumentative essay and the citations of sources. Your essay must have an introduction with a thesis statement; body paragraphs with topic sentences, supporting key points, and examples/evidence to support the thesis; and a conclusion that summarizes the main points and reiterates the thesis. TOPIC: Incorporating points from one set of the battalion presentations and other authoritative sources, articulate your recommendation as a division staff officer on whether the divisions JLTV initial fielding plan should be changed or not. The recommendation analysis should include the number of vehicles, the “bill-payer” strategy, the potential impacts or pushback from other stakeholders, and the risks. Include at least two DOTMLPF-P domain considerations (doctrine, organization, training, equipment, leadership and education, personnel, facilities, and policy), and a recommendation for a TOE or an MTOE change. Do not provide a simple summation to the question. You must write an argumentative essay, and hence argue the senior staff point of view supported by specific examples and evidence to convince the CG. ****** GUIDANCE FOR WRITING THE ESSAY: Must be typed and double-spaced Must use Arial 12-pitch font and one-inch margins Must be a minimum of three pages, but cannot exceed five pages Must provide endnote or footnote citation and a bibliography IAW CGSC ST22-2. Must use active voice and NOT use the first person