Gravitational waves

Your team is working on the detection of gravitational waves. The first detection of gravitational waves occurred in September 2015 and was announced in February 2016. Data from the detection indicated that two black holes of 29 and 36 solar masses had combined to form a black hole of 62 solar masses. The final collapse occurred in a time interval of 0.2 s, leading your team to claim that the power output of the collapse during that time interval was 50 times that of all the stars in the observable Universe. In June 2016, detection of a second combination of black holes was announced. In this case, black holes of 14.2 and 7.5 solar masses combined into a black hole of 20.8 solar masses in 1.0 s. Work again with your team to determine the following: How many times greater is the power released in this second event compared to that of all the stars in the observable Universe?