Healthy psychosocial development

Refer back to 15-year-old Amy, who is described in the chapter opener She has visited the school nurse due to a painful ear pierced by a friend. The nurse examines all of Amy’s plercings on her ears, face, and navel. Amy is talkative and willing to answer The nurse questions about her body art and her life She elaborates about the reasons she ran away from home last year and seems to be analyzing her own motives and goals. She now lives at home with her family again.

  1. What is Amy’s developmental stage according to Erikson? How can the adults in her life encourage her healthy psychosocial development
  2. Amy has clearly demonstrated many risk and protective factors for physical and psychosocial health. What factors place ber at rkk of diseases or developing unhealthy lifestyles? What factors are protective of her health?
  3. List at least three nursing. diagnoses based on Any risk and protective factors. What interventions will increase her protective factors

4 Exposure to home piercings and to body art presents several health risks. What are they? What immunization should Any have to prevent her from acquiring a disease transmitted by blood?

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