How a person develops this disorder

Need a power point done researching the disorder/disease of the nervous system (Anoxia)which should include the following in the slides: DO INCLUDE the following information on your slides.
Description of the disorder – focus on anatomy and physiology of the brain and nervous system.
Images relating to the disorder – these could be MRI’s of the brain or even photos of people, use images to enhance slides, not clutter them
Symptoms, describe what life is like for a person with the disorder
How a person develops this disorder – it might be genetic, the result of an injury, or possibly the factors are unknown; how a doctor diagnoses the disorder
Treatment options – can it be cured or can the symptoms be managed?
Additional Information – add a few extra things related to the disorder, this could be slides of famous people who have the disorder, organizations about the disorder, trivia, and medical history. You can also link to a short video (no longer than 3 minutes) ALSO THIS IS WHAT IT SHOULDNT INCLUDE : Copy and paste information directly from websites, summarize in your own words
Overload slides with too much information. Break slides up if you need to include more than 5 pieces of information
Use terms or vocabulary you do not understand. You will be asked questions about your topic or any information you post.
Include distracting transitions, backgrounds, or images that do not relate to the topic