Prepare a plan for the New Therapy Company to present to the nursing homes.

The New Therapy Company is soliciting a contract to provide five nursing homes with physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapists. The therapists will rotate among the five nursing homes. The therapists have not yet been hired, but the nursing homes expect them to be fully trained and ready to go to work in three months. The previous therapy company lost its contract because of high staff turnover owing to employee burnout (a common problem in this field), high costs, and low-quality care. The nursing homes want a plan specifying how the New Therapy Company will meet staffing needs, keep costs low, and provide high-quality care.

1. Discuss how the New Therapy Company can meet the deadline and still ensure a high quality of care. Also discuss the following:

How many of each type of therapist will the company need?

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How will it prevent therapists from burning out?

How can it retain experienced staff and still limit costs?

Are promotions available for staff? What does the career ladder look like?

How will the company manage therapists at five different locations? How will it keep in touch with them (computer, voice mail, or monthly meetings)? Would it make more sense to have therapists work permanently at each location rather than rotate among them?

How will the company justify the travel costs? What other expenses might it expect?

2. Prepare a plan for the New Therapy Company to present to the nursing homes.