ICT700 System Analysis And Design

Business Processes:

A JAD session with key stakeholders revealed the following information. The business processes described below are the system requirements for this information system solution:

• It has been decided to focus on the building and implementing the mobile based app for the contracting staff and run a separate project for the customer relationship management system later. Therefore, do not model any of the customer relationship management system (this is where OJL maintain details of their customers).

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• However, OJL still needs to record the following details for all customers: Name, Business number, Address, Telephone, Email, and Date of last job.

• OJL needs to maintain vehicle details for the separate vehicle classes as per the licence requirements including maintenance details. OJL must be able to track the movements and drivers of all vehicles.

• Tom Smith wants to run a job report on the first of every month that shows the value amount of each job, type of job and per contracting staff member.

• Tom Smith also requires that the following information on each job be kept, the customer, the date of the job, contracting staff (maybe more than one), vehicles(‘s) used and amount of job.

• Any payments for salaries or expenses to staff are outside the scope of this system End of Case Study

Part A

Question 1:

Your manager Colin Grey is sure an adaptive systems development methodology would be useful in this project but there is little knowledge about these in the organization. Therefore, they want you to write a report discussing adaptive development and two methodologies Scrum and XP. State under what circumstances each one would be used and then make a recommendation for this project. To do well in this report you must use the detail from the case study in your report as examples, rather than given general information.

Question 2:

Review the OJL case study and answer the following question with reference to the information in the case study. OJL have requested that you write a brief memorandum commenting on and setting a plan for the requirements gathering. Briefly discuss requirements gathering in general, introduce your plan and then state why you would recommend this plan. You are expected to use information from the course in your answer, for instance lecture three such as how you will gather information, what questions will you ask. Please cover the make or buy decision, could you buy already existing software to solve OJL problem (you must justify your answer). It is expected that you use the detail from the case study in your essay and failure to do this will reduce your marks