In Singapore, Recycling has not been Highly Adopted by Residents Advanced Research in Arts Assignment, OU


In Singapore, recycling has not been highly adopted by residents. Reusables are not seen as usual by hawkers thus my purpose of this project. My proposed project titled “Hawkers Go Green” it’s an initiative through the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment to support Hawkers to “Go Green”. Firstly, to substitute the usage of plastics as well as promote food waste segregation training to further bring Singapore to a greener tomorrow. In the oral pitch presentation, I have discussed the environmental effects of Singapore on using plastics bags and the need to practice the three R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle) of sustainability in the country.

Feedback on Research Topic

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I have received several feedbacks on my proposed problem from different peers. Most of the feedback on my oral pitch was in the favor of the research topic. The feedbacks show a convinced attitude for practicing three R’s to minimize the environmental problem Singapore is currently facing (Gottipati, Shankararaman & Lin, 2018). Most of the peers were satisfied with the literature I have used to address the environmental problem in the country. Thus, in this report, I am going to provide my response to the received feedback from my peers concerning my chosen grant. First, I will address the feedback I have received about my pitch, chosen grant, undertaken research, and use of academic literature for evidencing the claims. I will also provide future insight into my research idea in the response to given feedback.

However, some say that I should have used more information and provide a proper explanation of my research idea. A peer suggested to me that it would have been better I have been more focused on the behavioral insights to address and encourage reducing/recycling plastic waste in particular. Peer also said that he was not able to comprehend the nature of my activity for delivering my project insights.

To understand behavioral insights to encourage 3Rs in Singaporean I carried out comprehensive research on the topic and discover the events and program to deliver my idea for implementation. Through my additional research, I found how several countries are using reduce, reuse, and recycling programs and delivering desired outcomes in maintaining a sustainable environment. Through my research I discovered that Singapore is a country vulnerable to the challenges imposed by environmental change, counting intensified competition for inadequate resources and impending supply disturbances because of sudden weather change (Guy, Henshaw & Heidrich, 2015).

Due to increasing urbanization and to address the increasing needs over limited resources, the risk of environmental pollution will only increase in Singapore. For people living in such a scenario in which they have well-run municipal amenities, environmental activities remained out of sight and seem far away from their daily life. However, technological advancements may provide few solutions, but researchers disclose that technological efficiency like water-saving plans or energy-efficient machines is often beaten by growing consumption. The issue is that people do not create their choices based on required assumptions.

The choices often or mostly depend on the level of satisfaction or selecting the best. Hence, behavioral insights are therefore not a matter of concern in the context of increasing pollution. With the above relevance, I can say that my research idea is proper in addressing the environmental challenges on a global basis, and need is to compulsory practices to control the effects (Civil service College, 2017).

Behavioral insights are not as compulsory to be focused in-depth for obtaining sustainability. However, I will add more supportive evidence for my research idea in my grant application. I will also conduct more studies for my claim that sustainability should be a government concern and must be adopted as a compulsory practice by Singaporean. Moreover, the outlined objectives also failed to comprehend to address the research activity to peers. I will conduct in-depth research to enhance the knowledge of my study and deliver proper insights to the audience.

Other peers also commented that I have used appropriate academic resources for the literature review and the outlined objective is aligned with grant criteria. Hence, I will use a similar approach in my grant application. I will conduct an in-depth analysis of the relevant literature while working on the grant application. I will make sure to give excellent evidence and sources to address the challenge in the country about the environment.

I was also appraised for choosing relevant state boards to fund my research idea which will help promote sustainability among Singaporeans and implement the 3Rs. Even after receiving excellent responses for literature selection, I feel that it would have been better if I researched a little more so that I can address all the research gaps effectively (Gottipati, Shankararaman & Lin, 2018).

Also, the behavioral insights of Singaporeans need evidence researched resources to provide the desired outcomes of the study. However, peers said that I have used excellent background information and the facts in the study developed more attention towards the environmental problem. Overall, there is no compulsory need to make changes in the literature part as the findings from the literature were very well-covered at my end.

Peers said that I have properly explained the chosen grant and the criteria required for the funds. The details of the chosen grant were excellently elaborated and display what type of funding body would be involved and actively participate in the project. Researches have shown that a concise estimate of the budget is essential and the best tactic to conquest a grant.

However, I have elaborated on the required funding body for the project but did not provide an estimated budget. Hence, I will develop careful insights in costing at the application stage which will not only assure the optimum use of grants but also make the practical implication and procedure efficient and smoother. However, budget estimation is the last aspect but it will act as a backbone for successful funding (Coley & Scheinberg, 2016).


From the overall received feedbacks, I concluded my pitch was proper and effective enough to deliver my research idea to my audience. The only issue addressed with my pitch was that I failed to provide proper information about what type of research activity, event, or program I was conducting. I will then provide my response to each suggestion and how will address them to improve my future work.

Assignment Task:

This assignment will require students to identify and prepare a competitive, peer-reviewed grant application in their chosen discipline. The grant application must be between 2500 and 3000 words and will need to demonstrate a practical application of the research skills covered in the unit. The grant application can be for a research proposal, which will require background research, a literature review, research methodology, timeline, and budget.

Alternatively, it can be for a practical project; however, the project must have a research component. This may be applied research in the design of the project or research conducted after completion to evaluate success.

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