In this order there are two questions that must be answered.

In this order there are two questions that must be answered.
Question 1 (reflective essay) 1500-2000 words
Write reflectively on the following using appropriate models of reflective practice and/or writing:
1) Think about ways in which your engagement with decolonisation have informed your approach to lawyering and/or your understanding of the role of the lawyer; and
2) Reflect upon your strengths, weaknesses, and process of development as a potential 21st century law graduate; include here a reflection on your wellbeing and career development (including any work based learning)
You are welcome to include non-textual/non-propositional elements (e.g. drawing/photos/poetry) in the submission. Any words that are intended to be read in these elements will count toward the word count. This reflective piece of work should be written from the perspective of a law student living in London at 21 years of age. Talk about recent events that may be useful to this reflective essay. The above two points should be the main two basis of writing and should be 700-1000 words for each point. OSCOLA referencing must be used for this work.
Question 2 (Essay question) 1500-2000 words.
Does the law need to change if it is to meet the needs of society in the 21stCentury?
This essay should be answered in line with English Law and should be referenced using OSCOLA style.


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