“Inclusion of Green Technology in Residential Real Estate and its impact on Consumer Purchase Behavior”

This paper has to be very professional. The topic is “Inclusion of Green Technology in Residential Real Estate and its impact on Consumer Purchase Behavior”
I am including a thesis proposal witch breathy will explain the direction of the thesis.
Before any steps the writer and I need to discuss about the next step because I tone want the writer to go to the wrong direction.
Every source should not be older than 5 years.
As a first step I need the writer to make my survey questions, and after we fixed that then the we can start writing the paper.
Part of the paper needs to be sent to me before the writer moves forward.
I need the writer to communicate with me throughout the project.
I will give more instructions ones the writer will be assigned.
The research proposal that I include can be improved so there can be slight changes.
The survey has to target potential buyers so the questions has to be structured on the way where it narrows down if the person is planning to buy a real-estate in the near future or not.
Additional instructions:
• You are able to identify an interesting problem, clearly define it and make a case for its relevance and significance.
• The problem can be communicated and solved in a clear, comprehensive, logical and persuasive manner.
• You are able to make a convincing connection between the research question and theory.
• The results have been accurately based upon empirical evidence and you used appropriate methods.
• The master’s thesis is written clearly and communicates effectively to the reader.
The basic question that the thesis has to answer: If customers willing to pay more or more likely to purchase a house, apartment etc. because they care about the positive effect on the environment or because it is prices efficient. The outcome of the survey has to be very clear about this!