Nurse-patient communication

Discuss why effective nurse-patient communication is critical to promote therapeutic nurse-patient rela-tionships and patient safety. In your answer discuss the concepts of verbal and non-verbal communication skills, person centred care and effective documentation.
Students are required to choose one of the three (3) patient scenarios to answer this essay. You will use examples from the scenarios to discuss how the nurse would use verbal and non-verbal communication skills, person centred care, and effective documentation to develop a therapeutic relationship with the patient.
You have been provided with three (3) set readings. These set readings and additional sources must be referenced using the correct APA 7th style both in-text in the essay and on the reference list. In addition to the set readings that you paraphrase, summarise and reference in your essay, you must also paraphrase, summarise and reference two (2) other relevant, reliable and current academic sources in your essay. One (1) of the additional sources must be a nursing journal article and one (1) must be from a reputable nursing website source or report (e.g. the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia codes and guidelines).