On January 13, 2021, Temple student Milan Loncar was walking his dog. Shortly after 7pm, two men approached him and rifled through his pockets. One of the men then shot him dead.

Please reply to this students statment below as to why i support there statment or dont support or agree or dont agree.
On January 13, 2021, Temple student Milan Loncar was walking his dog. Shortly after 7pm, two men approached him and rifled through his pockets. One of the men then shot him dead. The suspect, 20 year old Josephus Davis is a career criminal who was released on bail two weeks prior to Loncar’s murder. Surveillance video identified Davis in the shooting of Loncar. That same evening of the shooting, Davis decided to carjack someone. He was identified and booked for the murder of Milan Loncar. The failures of the Bail system are many. This killer who had multiple previous offenses had his bail reduced which led to his release. Incarcerated in 2019 for robbery, Davis accepted a plea deal in January of 2020 for 2 years probation. While still locked up for the robbery, he was charged with two more crimes. The charges were a carjacking and kidnapping in 2019 and a assault on a corrections officer while serving his sentence. His bail for the kidnapping was $100,000 and over six preliminary hearings were continued. In October 2020, his original bail amount for assault on the prison guard was $200,000 was reduced to only $12,000. In December 2020 his bail for $100,000 kidnapping bail was lowered to $20,000. He only has to come up with 10% to be released for a total of $3,200. Please excuse me for my candor. The judge’s who lowered his bails are absolute fools. They took an oath to administer justice and instead they released a violent criminal on the streets to terrorize the community and inflict more pain upon it’s citizens. When the defense attorney asked for bail to be reduced (kudos to him for getting it done for his client), the judge drastically reduced bail in spite of the commonwealth’s objections. At the December 2020 court appearance, the prosecutor objected to lowering the bail citing Davis’s long list of crimes like the current prison assault charge, 2019 robbery where he pistol whipped an Uber driver, a open juvenile case and a 2019 failure to appear case. Still, the judge thought it would be a good idea to lower this man’s bail. Well he did and as a result, with two open felony cases, Davis posted the joke of a bail and was released on December 29th. Milan Lancor lost his life 2 weeks later because of Josephus Davis and the incompetent, irresponsible judges. Oddly, no detainer’s were ever filed on Davis, when detainers are dropped on people for less severe crimes. The Philadelphia Police Department has spoken out about these bail flaws. These judges detestable bail decisions put citizens safety at risk. In my opinion they either don’t care about what these scumbags get out and do,because let’s face it…it’s not going to effect their family or they’re being paid off. My guess is they don’t care about the constituents they work for and just pick willy nilly who will get what sentence without thoroughly doing their job and examining each case with a fine tooth comb as they should. It’s pretty bad when Philly DA “Let em go” Larry Krasner as I like to call him (for him being a criminal sympathizer) spoke out that Davis be held on higher bail. Since it’s the Judiciary that sets the bail and not the District Attorney’s office, judges still lowered the bail over objections. As of right now, Davis is being held without bail on murder charges. What I am about to say may sound controversial…good, because someone needs to care about judges who fail provide justice. I am more mad about the judges lowering of bail for Davis than I am at Davis. I think the judge’s who reduced his bail need to be terminated and released from their duties as a judge since they clearly don’t take them seriously. This isn’t to say that judges are infallible, everyone makes mistakes. Nonetheless, looking at Davis’ history it’s a no brainer that his bail should’ve never been reduced. They are culpable in the murder of Milan Lancor. Bail reform needs to happen now.

Suspect Was Released on Reduced Bail 2 Weeks Before Temple Grad’s Murder

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