Week 14 Food SafetyFood-Borne Illness Project (Two Page Handout/Brochure)

Week 14 Food Safety- Food-Borne Illness Project (Two Page Handout/Brochure)
Assignment Instructions:
You are a health care provider working at a community health department and have been asked to create an informational handout on a food borne illness. The handout should be designed for an adult public audience (written at the 4th or 5th grade level) to be distributed at your local community health fair.
Create a two-page handout in Word or use two PowerPoints Slides. You can create this using a Word templates or a PowerPoint slide template of your choice. All information, including references must be included in the two-pages. Your handout should be well organized and include both text (300-400 words not including references) and graphics.
Grammar and spelling should be correct. Sentence structure should conform to current conventions. Include at least 3 references,one being the textbook and other two should be evidence-based reliable sources. Reference examples may include the CDC or other governmental websites, food safety organizations, or peer-reviewed journal publications. Include in-text and full citations in current APA format.
NOTE: For full credit, this must be a two-page brochure or handout. This should not be designed as a PowerPoint presentation or a research paper.
Select One of the following food-borne illnesses:
Bacillus cereus gastroenteritis
Clostridium perfringens gastroenteritis
Hemorrhagic colitis (E. coli)
Hepatitis A
Norovirus gastroenteritis
Staphylococcal gastroenteritis
Vibrio gastroenteritis
In the handout, discuss the following related to your selected food borne illness:
Characteristics of the food borne illness
How the food borne illness is transmitted
Foods commonly linked with the food borne illness
Common symptoms
Preventive measures