P.S. the textbook we are using is called Greening Philosphy by Katherine Amber.

P.S. the textbook we are using is called Greening Philosphy by Katherine Amber. I can give you my login if needed for this site with the online textbook. https://smc.grlcontent.com/green/page/home
Demonstrate knowledge of the philosophical arguments presented in the required readings and lectures.
Apply philosophical knowledge in the composition of a persuasive argumentative essay.
Write an 800-900 word, single-spaced essay on the debate question. Hightlight thesis. (100)
PROMPT: Write your essay using the following paragraph outline:
Introduction: (a) Opening sentence on the importance of the question; (b) statement of your thesis for or against Cartesian dualism; and (c) a preview/roadmap for the essay.
Clarify & define the basis/criteria of your argument, e.g. logical consistency, rationality, parsimony, common sense, etc. and use it effectively to make your case.
EXAMPLE: “In this paper I will argue Cartesian dualism offers a more parsimonious explanation of reality than Darwinian monism.”
Consider Descartes’s Arguments. Briefly present Descartes’ arguments for metaphysical dualism making reference to the text, including his analogy. Make an argument for Descartes supported by an original analogy and critique his analogy.
Consider the arguments made by Opposition to Descartes: Take a stand for/against EITHER Darwinian Monism OR Sartrean Nihilism. Briefly present the opposing argument, including the analogy for it. Make an argument for the opposing position supported by an original analogy or critique the analogy offered by the opposing position.
Compare and contrast the analogies and give a reason why one is better than the other.
Conclusion: Return to the basis/criteria and explain why the view you are arguing for better meets it than the opposing position.
DO NOT USE ANY PHILOSOPHICAL SOURCES IN YOUR PAPER OTHER THAN THOSE ASSIGNED. This is not a research paper. Use only textual sources assigned in this course. Indicate the pages numbers, e.g. (Katherine, 23) for all references to text.
Write to persuade instead of merely reporting what you agree or disagree with, or your opinions.
All written work for this class must be submitted single-spaced, font 11 or 12, with paragraph indentation, and must include a header with name, assignment #, due date, and section number.
The argument I chose: I can doubt my body, I cannot doubt my mind. Therefore, the mind and the body are different kinds of substances.