Political science as an operations military leader in a joint


As an operations military leader in a joint multinational headquarters; describe the cultural considerations relevant to conducting military operations.  In your description, you should consider incorporating the elements of culture as part of your response.

* As you consider your response the below questions that can possibly help you craft your response:

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– How does culture influence human behavior?

– How does culturally influenced behavior affect military operations?  What is the relationship between personality, culture, and human nature, and how can you use that relationship to influence others?

–  Is it possible to achieve commitment from others in a cross-cultural environment or is compliance the highest level of influence one can achieve?

Instructions: Post a substantial initial response, with at least 3 cited sources and a minimum of 450 words, to the topic above. Identify references following the post using APA format. 

Post should be:

· Typed

· Double Spaced the entire paper IAW APA 7th Edition 20 

· Standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″)

· 1″ margins on all sides 

· Size 12 pt. Times New Roman font 

· Use flush-left alignment and ragged right; do not divide words at the end of the line. 

· Indent paragraphs five spaces (Set the tab key) 

· Use one space at the end of a sentence. 

· Abbreviations: The first time you use a term, spell it out in full, followed by its abbreviation in parentheses; thereafter, you may use the abbreviation only.

Minimum of 3 references. Please both attached resources and internet resources for work.