Primary sources of revenues

Fiscal choices determine the mix of revenues that a State relies on to fund their budget on an annual basis. The following article discusses the current estimate of the shortfalls that States are anticipating. Describe the primary sources of revenues that the States rely on, noting if they are progressive, regressive or proportional (explaining each). How has each source been impacted by the current crisis, and what should policy makers do to address the shortfall in receipts that is likely to occur in the upcoming fiscal years?  When looking at the amount and proportion of state/local dollars that are spent annually on education, it is easy to see why there is a concern regarding the question of declining performance – that is, why, despite the investment by States/localities, scores for exams such as the SAT’s have remained constant over the last several years. Describe the relationship between inputs and outputs or outcomes in the production of education. What are at least two things that you believe are measured currently in your local district. In thinking about the impact of the corona virus on lower education across the country, how do you think these validation measures could/should change. Your answer should address some of the inherent challenges many districts have been facing as they have moved to on-line platforms.

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