Problem Based Learning (PBL) tutorial findings

Report requirements: The report should have a comparative analysis of all groups members’ network design and implementation. It is recommended that bullet points are included whenever necessary. Use your Problem Based Learning (PBL) tutorial findings.

1. Project Scope and requirements

 Write summary for your contribution to the report (for example each members’ network design contribution).

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2. Network design analysis

 Write the advantages and disadvantages of each network design. Include concepts of humar factor in your analysis of each network design.

3. Network performance

 Write network performance factors that can be considered for all team members’ network design.

 Write performance analysis table for each network design.

 Compare and contrast.

4. Innovative ideas

 Write innovative ideas on how can you improve performance as one soltution by combining advantages of all network solutions.

 Consider future trends in networking such as SDN, 5G, 4D Network, Open Network Switches, cloud, IPv6, Multi-Band Routers, AI applications, etc. 5. Demonstration

 Work progression record and consultation on week 8 and 9 by the lab tutor.  Demonstration of a part of the design in Week 10 lab class (hardware platform).

 Demonstration format (at least 3 viva voce questions related to the design, not more than 5 – 7 mins).