PTSD – published by the Veterans Administration


1) What percent of people who experience trauma will develop PTSD in their lifetime?
2) Name five types of serious traumatic events that can cause PTSD:
3) Is choosing to view traumatic things on TV categorized as a ‘traumatic event’?
4) What are the 4 Symptoms that someone must have to be diagnosed with PTSD according to the DSM V:
5) What was one of the examples that SPC Rob Tucker (US Army) gave of experiencing a common event in the US that mirrored something that had happened in combat and contributed to PTSD?
6) What did Craig Shipley (US Marine Corps) share about feelings of trust?
7) CPT Sarah Humphries (US Army) shared what reaction to her son’s (near) bicycle accident?
8) Dr. Ron Acierno talked about the ways that you “know you’re ready for treatment”. Name two ways he indicated:

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