Public health types of blood vessels




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1. NAME the 3 types of blood vessels and determine which is at the highest risk to be life-threatening?
2. What is the FIRST step to CONTROL BLEEDING for both minor and major open wounds AFTER YOU
3. Describe each type of dressing and discuss when you would use a Tourniquet and/or a Hemostatic
4. What is Internal Bleeding and what are the Signs and Symptoms?
5. Identify the four (4) possible or types of SHOCK and briefly DESCRIBE the cause of each.
6. Describe the SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS of SHOCK?
7. LIST the First Aid steps for a victim in SHOCK.
8. What is a Closed Wound and what is the First Aid for a Closed Wound? .
9. DESCRIBE EACH WOUND listed and Care FOR EACH WOUND… abrasion, laceration, avulsion,
amputation, puncture wound and crush injuries. )
10. NAME 6 (six) types of Bandages or dressings used for care of an open wound.. and WHEN are they
11. What special care should be taken for an embedded/impaled object in a wound?
12. How can you tell if a wound is infected?.
13. DESCRIBE the 3 type of “thickness” burns and CARE for each.
14. How do you identify a Critical Burn .
15. DESCRIBE and DISCUSS First Aid for Heat (Thermal), Chemical, Electrical, and Radiation burns..
Scenarios: (worth 2 points)
1. You respond to a scene where a construction worker is lying unresponsive on his back. Another worker tells
you that a few minutes ago he was struck in the abdomen by a concrete block that tumbled from on top of a
wall. A coworker unbuttoned the man’s shirt to see if he was bleeding and discovered although his skin was
abrased and bruise, there was no active bleeding.
• Explain the first actions and possible first aid steps you should take.
You carefully check the abdomen. It is hard and swollen, and his skin is cool and moist.
• Explain your next first aid steps




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