Real-world location

Using the given zuul game as a starting point, you must design your own game. In the
tutorial, you can ask your tutor for advice.
If you find it difficult to visualize this sort of game scenario, try modelling your game on
some familiar real-world location. If you need additional inspiration, you can try playing the
original Colossal Cave Adventure game.
You must have the following in your game:
• Your game scenario must have at least ten (10) different rooms.
• Your game scenario must have at least six (6) types of exits – e.g., north, south, east,
west, up, down and any others you require. This requirement does NOT mean that
each room must have 6 exits.
• Your game scenario must include at least two (2) items in each room that the player
could find, pick up and potentially use.
• The player can only carry maximum five (5) items in the player’s inventory.
• Your game must have some way for the player to win. Most likely, this will be by
achieving some goal such as finding a particular item, surviving for some specified
number of moves, or exiting a particular room — anything sensible for your game.
Write a brief description of your game in your word document. You must:
• Describe your game including the back story and the setting
• List the items in the game and how to use it
• Draw a map for your game scenario. You must:
o Label the rooms
o Label the exits (connections between rooms)
o Specify the locations of the items in the map
• Explain how the player wins