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Textbook: Systems Analysis & Design in an Age of Options by
Gary Spurrier & Heikki Topi

For this assignment, refer to Chapter 13 and the Chapter 13 Overview to review Nielsen’s heuristics, Shneiderman’s golden rules, and other design principles for human-computer interfacing.

Select one Web-based application and one Mobile application you have used recently for your work or to perform a professional task. Be sure to summarize the purpose of each application.

Analyze this experience by using Nielsen’s heuristics, Shneiderman’s golden rules, and other design principles.
What aspects of the experience met these characteristics?
Which did not?
What factors were most noticeably different between the two application experiences?
Consider next a recent experience in which you had at least one serious difficulty navigation an application, mobile or Web, due to the user interface.
Why was it is a challenge?
What recommend actions would you take to improve it if in the role as developer?
Conclude by sharing your perspective on the value of designing for the user experience in the sequence of tasks associated with systems development.
Prepare your document in the form of a summary report including both a title page and page for references if used in the document.

Articulation of Response

Always include a title page with your name, the date, the course name/number, the title of the assignment or paper, and the revision (if applicable).
In the body of the paper, use headings and sub-headings. Do not jump from subject to subject without providing some type of heading beforehand.




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