report of cyber security failures


There are two tasks

Task one is to write report of cyber security failures appear frequently within last 2 years. I have already selected the incident and half written. APA 7-word count 950 excluding references

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Task 2

Explain step by step the operation of DES explain with diagram and references 500 word. Apa 7 at least 2 references

Reports of cybersecurity failures appear frequently on the daily news. Perform research on a security incident that has happened within the last two years, then write a short reportwith the following main headings:

  • Attack Summary
  • Exploited Vulnerability
  • Remedy Actions Taken
  • Recommended Future Mitigation Strategy

Include appropriate figures and tables where applicable. Also, make sure to cite your sources appropriately using APA 6th style.


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This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to identify and explain the various digital threats to IT networks and computing devices.
  • be able to analyse cryptographic algorithms, both symmetrical and asymmetrical, and explain how they are used to improve network security.


Report addresses all points in details using own words and citing sufficient authentic references

RepReport is supported by a good number of authoritative references using accurate APA 6th citation format.

reportort is logically structured using consistent styles and is free from language errors.

  • Answer must be a single Word or PDF document.
  • Document must be structured and organised in accordance with the requested tasks.
  • As a guide, submissions that obtain a pass mark or more often have a minimum of 3 references.

Answer please use this I have written half




Attack Summary : State Farm Insurance Discloses Recent Credential Stuffing Attack
[Records Exposed: N/A | Industry: BFSI | Type of Attack: Credential Stuffing]

Exploited Vulnerability: Insurance provider State Farm has notified policyholders that it recently observed login attempts to user accounts that were symptomatic of credential stuffing cyber-attacks. The company reset the passwords of affected accounts and has sent notifications alerting customers of the situation.

According to reports, the attack was discovered by State Farm in July 2019 and no personally identifiable information (PII) was exposed. The insurance company serves more than 83 million U.S. customers, though the number of policyholders impacted by the attack has not been disclosed.

Remedy Actions Taken and Recommended Future Mitigation Strategy: The enterprise security team can no longer view insider threats and phishing attacks as the exclusive attack vectors for credential compromise. Increasingly, attackers are focusing their efforts on sites that deliver services to the individual in hopes that common credentials exist. How does an organization protect itself when it may not have been breached?

Our experts highlight multiple areas where security teams can hone their approach in anticipation of more credential stuffing attacks.

Augment security awareness training to explain “why” unique credentials are so important. Utilize credential stuffing attacks as proof points to demonstrate cyber hygiene objectives.
Require multiple forms of authentication that take location, the physical device/system asset, and the user identity into consideration. Re-authenticate users based on elapsed time and/or a change in these authentication parameters.
Review the need to provide email and external site access for every employee.
Restrict or eliminate access to applications, services, and sensitive data that do not pass these tests.