Talent planning and recruitment activities



Part C (AC2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 4.1) (2000 words)

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Taking into account the case study you have examined, please produce your views on the following issues:

1.       Talent planning and recruitment activities

2.       Managing dismissal, redundancy and retirement effectively and lawfully

In producing your report, you should conduct research into contemporary and emerging practice in both key areas.

Your report should include discussion covering the following details:


The principles of effective workforce planning (e.g. gap analysis) and the tools used in the process (AC2.1) (approx 150 words)


Key considerations when planning and conducting a downsizing of an organisation. (AC2.3) (approx 150 words)


Guidance on practice in the development of job descriptions, person specifications and competency frameworks.(AC2.4) (approx 150 words)


An explanation of the main legal requirements in relation to recruitment and selection. (AC2.5) (approx 150 words)


An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of 2 different methods of recruitment and 2 of selection (AC2.6) (approx 300 words)


Advice on good practice in the management of dismissals, retirements and redundancies that complies with current (UK and/or local) legislation – 3 separate sections (AC4.1) (approx 900 words)


ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Please also comment on how you will transfer the new knowledge and skills gained during this assignment into working practices. You may also use this reflection for your CPD. (approx 200 words)

You should also include 3-5 references from up to date and relevant sources in order to support your findings.

(CIPD NAB IHR105003 (18)  Ex 09/20)