Sports Brawls Violence.

Excluding the in-depth examples in the video slides (like flopping in baskeball or hockey fighting), choose a sport of your liking and examine something in it that qualifies as unsporting. First, describe the behavior and document how it fits one of the course definitions of unsporting behavior. Second, either discuss existing ways that sport currently tries to stop this type of behavior or propose an alternative ways for making this type of behavior less common. Either way, document how that approach fits within the preventive concepts we have used discussed in this module (such as shaming, changing the costs and benefits, or the threat of being caught). Do you think existing or your proposed methods would work? Why or why not?

Your response should be be about 800 words

here is a sample 200 words that I wrote so far Fight Night at The Joe
Fight Night at the Joe a.k.a “The Brawl of 97’” was a fight that broke out between the Detroit Red Wings and the Colorado Avalanche which sparked an already active rivalry. This rivalry had started the year before when a Detroit player named Kris Draper was hit from behind by a Colorado player named Claude Lemieux sending him into the boards head first injuring him in game six of the western conference final. The hit in 96’ sent Draper to the hospital with a broken jaw, shattered cheek and orbital bone. Draper required surgery on site and also had his jaw held together by a wire. The following year, Drapers teammate Darren McCarty avenged Draper by laying a huge hit on the Lemieux. The hit by McCarty which was actually a blindside sucker punch, ignited the whole brawl. This fight was one hundred percent a retaliation act by Detroit. As Joe Louis Arena exploded with cheers from the fans, tempers of the players flared, the fights began and there was no looking back from there. The fighting went on for around twenty minutes with multiple different players. The most electrifying moment could’ve been seen as when the opposing goalies, Patrick Roy and Chris Osgood met each other at center ice to participate in the fight.

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