Strategic HR Management and Planning


Each student will select and research a specific topic or issue related to Human Resource
Management. I am keeping this flexible so you can choose something that interests you. The
topic you choose might be a course topic you find particularly interesting or it might be related to
your career goals. If you are currently working full or part time, you might want to select an
issue relevant to your current workplace (please note – this should not be a personal issue you
are dealing with or have dealt with at work, but it can be an HR topic related to your work
Your overall goal is to develop a comprehensive report about your chosen topic or issue that
someone with little or no HRM knowledge can use to learn more about it.
Your report should include the following:
• An introduction with a brief description of your chosen topic or issue and why you chose
to research it.
• A detailed presentation and discussion that gives the reader a comprehensive
understanding of the topic or issue and presents recommendations or action steps based
on your research.
• A discussion of how the information in your report can be used to benefit others.
• Include specific examples from at least 2 existing companies to help the reader
understand what the topic or issue looks like in practice and how organizations manage or
deal with it

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