The Desert Hybrid Collectif Book Report




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1.According to Jason de León, “The Prevention Through Deterrence strategy has created a setting in which the Border Patrol can draw on the agency of animals and other nonhumans to do its dirty work while simultaneously absolving itself of any blame connected to migrant injuries or loss of life” (p. 43). What is “Prevention Through Deterrence,” and in what ways does it “draw on the agency of other nonhumans” to support the Border Patrol? In answering this question, be sure to define ‘hybrid collectif’ and give at least one concrete example of nonhuman agency presented by de León, with specific page references from the book.

2.Define “necroviolence” and “necropolitics.” Are these concepts related?

3.When Jason de León accompanies Memo and Lucho to the tunnel where they begin their most recent attempt at border-crossing into the United States, he writes that “watching [them] leave is not exciting, nor is it an inspiring anthropological field moment. It makes me feel worthless and afraid for them.” (p. 153). Find another instance in the book in which the anthropologist writes critically about moments when he faced difficult choices, or ethical challenges, and analyze it.

4.What is the role of humor among prospective border-crossers, according to Jason de León? Support your answer with reference to and analysis of at least one joke/story that de León’s interlocutors tell him.

5.“The erasure of a body also prevents the necessary funeral rites associated with mourning from taking place,” writes Jason de León (p. 71). Why? How does the impossibility of mourning that the author describes here relate to the anguish felt by the family of Axel Flores?





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