Analyzing a story and shedding light to one specific topic

This is a paper that is focusing on analyzing a story and shedding light to one specific topic. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:

Analyzing a story and shedding light to one specific topic

Instructions: Analyzing a Story Write an essay (4 pages minimum) analyzing and shedding light on one specific topic stemming from your study of Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. You may choose to focus on a theme or themes, or literary style, or a narrative strategy, or symbols. Or character analysis, or anything else you find especially interesting and significant. Specifically, please pay close attention to the following tips for a successful work: Give your essay a unique, interesting, and revealing title. Make sure that you indicate at the beginning which story you are analyzing and who the author is. Frame your topic well and state your key argument in the first or second paragraph. Aim to convince readers that your analysis is interesting and based on a thoughtful interpretation of the novel.

Cite specific examples from the novel to back up your main ideas or argument(s). Demonstrate that you have conducted research by either paraphrasing or quoting directly from secondary sources (that is, published commentaries by others clearly relevant to what you are discussing). This is the final essay for this entire course. At this point, after having benefitted from peer-editing exercises. You should be able to independently proof-read your draft and refine it to raise its quality without another round of peer-editing. I trust that you have learned to correct grammatical or mechanical errors the best you can before submitting the final version via Blackboard. Keep standing firm against plagiarism. Please acknowledge any source that you have consulted. Use the MLA style of documentation to create in-text citations and works cited page.

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