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You are the judge presiding over the sentencing of Daisy Collingwood, who stands before the Court having entered a guilty plea for the offence of Actual Bodily Harm. You have given consideration to a custodial sentence and have, therefore, requested a Pre-Sentence Report from Probation (extract below). Your task is to provide sentencing remarks and a clear sentencing rationale. This should take into account the following:

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-The sentencing guidelines for the offence which can be found at:
-You must consider aggravating and mitigating features of the case paying attention to Daisy’s circumstances and the wider-context of the issues associated with her case
-Your sentencing rationale must draw upon the philosophies of punishment that are relevant to sentencing in this case to demonstrate your understanding and application to the question
-Your arguments must be underpinned by academic literature

Additional Guidance

Use of first person is permissible in this assignment. You may wish to consider using both first and third person as you draw upon literature to develop your rationale.

The rationale should be written as a standard essay. Remember to ensure that you have a clear structure to your work.

Avoid quoting/describing large sections of the case study within your essay in order to preserve your word count

Your essay must be fully referenced in accordance with APA 6th edition.

social studies, 6/1500

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